Behind Enemy Wheels

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The Game

Behind Enemy Wheels is a Grid-Based and Turn-Based Puzzle Game and was made in two weeks as part of a “Marmalade”. In the game, you play as an American Spy who is undercover in Communist Russia. Her objective is to drive through a city to gather intelligence. However, due to the time being in the Cold War, the city is populated by police and checkpoints. You have to plan and puzzle your way out through the city. However, you can only move one tile at a time!


This game was created during a block of eight weeks, where us students worked in small teams of around ten to create three games. (Behind Enemy Wheels being one of the games that I worked on for this block.) The goal of this block was to rapidly go through the production phases of creating a game. As well as to learn more about product ownership, working within a multidisciplinary team, scrum, and rapid concepting.

My Main Contribution**;

  • Helped work on the Grid System & Implemented Grid Visuals.
  • Implemented Gameplay TurnBased System.
  • Implemented Player Grid Movement.
  • Created Static & Patrolling Enemy Functionality.


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In-Game Screenshots of Behind Enemy Wheels