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Captain Starshot was a year-long project that I and the team have worked on as a students. Captain Starshot is a Roguelike Top-Down Shooter with Procedural Content Generation featuring space exploration and boarding of ships. The game is inspired by the old Space Pulp Science Fiction comics from 1920s-1940s.

My Main Contributions

  • Working on part of the Procedural Content/Level Generation System in the game. (Brainstorming our PCG solution from the start of the project, helping tool creation, translating Grammar Graphs output into gameplay/levels.)
  • Implementation of a Dynamic Minimap System.
  • Implementation of a Dynamic Music System.
  • Perforce & Technical Support for the team. (UE4 issues, Gameplay, Blueprints, and C++).
  • Dedicated Build Engineer. Using the school supplied Jenkins machine to create development and release builds.
  • Instigated and created the Game Soundtrack Video. (Watch here.)


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In-Game Screenshots of Captain Starshot


Captain Starshot Steam Page