Deep Waters

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Deep Waters is a 2.5D Side Scrolling Action Shooter where you, the player, are searching for the hidden treasure in a sunken ship. This journey is not without danger though. Your equipment is quite subpar. And on top of that, many dangerous monsters roam the seas seeking prey. Deep Waters was my first actual Unreal Engine 4 project that I have worked on.

Our project brief stated that we had to recreate and modernize an old school game from 1980-1985 while working in a multidisciplinary team that grew in size over the block. Deep Waters was originally inspired by the game; Baraduke.

Throughout the eight weeks, there were two checkups where the teaching staff had to scrap projects that wouldn’t make it in the end or did not deliver. The people where their projects did get scrapped had to join another team. As one of the founding team members of Deep Waters, we went through all of the checkpoints and delivered the game Deep Waters

My Main Contribution;

  • One of the original members of the founding team.
  • Made the first prototype that would prove our concept.
  • Implemented the Core Mechanics. (Shooting, Dashing, Recoil System, and Health & Oxygen Systems.)
  • Implemented most of the Environmental Hazards & Interactables.
  • Implemented the functionality for UI/UX in the game.
  • Worked on the Swarming Enemies.
  • Bugfixing various issues.


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In-Game Screenshots of Deep Waters