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The IGArt Engine/Framework is a custom C++ technology, completely made from scatch, that was heavily inspired by The UbiArt Framework from Ubisoft. This framework was designed to create (simple) 2D Platforming games just like the UbiArt framework. We targeted development for the PSVita and Windows.

The Engine/Framework Features;

  • Entity Component
  • Prefabs
  • Custom Editor
  • Saving & Loading of Scenes
  • DX12 Rendering
  • FMOD Integration
  • Parallax Backgrounds
  • Particle Effects
  • Behaviour Tree System & Editor
  • Terrain Tool
  • Spline Tool
  • Drop-In Art

My Main Contributions

  • Created a Behaviour Tree & Blackboard System.
  • Implemented Behaviour Tree Editor.
  • Helped implement a Custom Reflection Solution.
  • Created File Utility.
  • Helped bugfix & improve various systems in the framework. (Box2D Collision, ParentChild Transform, Raycasting, and more.)