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Nice Try Plane was part of the Global Game Jam of 2019.

Anchors falling from the sky? As a pilot, you can imagine this is not a situation you have trained for… Work together with other pilots in a desperate attempt to keep the plane levelled in a downpour of everyday commodities like washing machines, pianos, anchors and other crazy things while cashing in on that marvellous gold that’s flying in the air!

Nice Try Plane is a local multiplayer party game based on the GGJ theme “What Home Means To You”. The game is inspired by the relationship shared amongst siblings around the world. The players on the plane must score as many points that they can achieve by knocking off the commodities and or by gathering the flying coins. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds, because you will have to do that all while trying to keep the plane balanced. That balance is the same balance that many siblings find within their relationships.

My Main Contributions

  • Rapid Prototyping of Concepts.
  • Custom Physics Solution for Objects with Mass (Players & Commodities) interacting with the Plane and its rotation.
  • Terrain Rotation based on plane System.
  • Player Respawn System.
  • Kept track of project tasks that had to be done/were planned.


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In-Game Screenshots of Nice Try Plane


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