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Captain Starshot

Captain Starshot’ was a year-long student project made during my 3rd school year. The game is a Roguelike Top-Down Shooter with Procedural Generation featuring space exploration and ship boarding. It is heavily inspired by old Pulp Science Fiction comics from the 1920s-1940s.

The game was released on Steam on the 9th of July 2019 after a period of Early Access.

Role(s) & Main Contributions:


  • Was the main person for Perforce, Unreal Engine, and General Technical support.
  • Instigated and created the ‘Game Soundtrack Video’. [Watch Here]

Gameplay Programmer

  • Prototyped some early gameplay concepts.
  • Implemented the ‘Dynamic Mini-map System’. (In close collaboration with the UI/UX designer.)
  • Implemented the ‘Dynamic Music System’ (In close collaboration with the Audio designer.)
  • Assisted with various gameplay tasks.

Procedural Programmer

  • Contributor to in-game procedural generation systems.
    • Took part in brainstorming & prototyping PCG gameplay possibilities.
    • Responsible for converting the ‘Grammar Graphs’ runtime output into playable game levels.
  • Closely collaborated with the ‘Houdini Outsource Team’ regarding their room set-dressing tool.

Build Engineer

  • Was the dedicated build engineer of the team.
  • Responsible for setting-up the technical development pipeline.
    • This is regarding code-reviews standards (of blueprints) and submitting of changelists.
  • Implemented a dedicated ‘Continuous Integration Pipeline’ to create builds automatically using Jenkins.
  • Responsible for getting builds onto Steam.