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Digital Framework

The ‘Digital Framework’ is a long-term personal hobby project that I have made to improve my technical skills, try out new code stuff, and to gain more knowledge of C++, engine systems, tools, AI, and game systems.


My goal is to eventually have made a small multi-platform (Windows & Linux) framework and editor to make AI Systems. I would then like create a small 2D/3D game with it. As I have no big interest in low-level graphics programming, I am using the rendering library BGFX to make that part of the framework easier to handle.

I aim to learn and improve by researching, reading books & articles, and then attempting to apply that knowledge into the project — but not to go as far as to reinvent the wheel for certain systems.

Engine Features

There are no fancy features at the moment, but the project has a good foundation to work on top of.

- Application Framework & Stage/Layers - Basic Gameplay Systems (GameObjects, Spawning, Camera)
- Window Rendering - Model & Texture Loading
- ECS & Events using ENTT - (Debug) Logging
- Basic Rendering - Input Management
- Class Reflection System - 3D Physics using JoltPhysics
- CMake Project Management - Trenchbroom/Quake .map Loading
- ImGui (Window Docking & Multi-Viewport Support)