IGArt Framework
Project Code - Behaviour Tree Module (Gtihub)

IGArt Framework

The ‘IGArt Framework’ is a custom C++ technology made from scratch within 16 weeks by a team of 7-9 programmers. It is heavily inspired by the ‘UbiArt Framework’ and was designed to create (simple) 2D Platforming games. It works on the PS Vita and Windows platforms.

After the initial eight weeks of working on the engine, designers and artists could join the project to create a small game, and because of that, some gameplay programming was required.

Engine Features

- Entity Component - Native support for Parallax Scrolling Backgrounds
- Custom Editor with ImGui - Behaviour Tree System & Editor
- DX12 Rendering - Particle Effects Tool
- Prefabs - Terrain Tool
- Saving & Loading of Scenes - Spline Tool
- Box2D Physics - Drop-In Art Support
- FMOD Integration
- Multiplatform (Windows & PS Vita)

Role(s) & Main Contributions

AI Programmer

  • Created the Behaviour Tree System with Blackboard support.
  • Implemented the Behaviour Tree Editor.

General/Engine Programmer

  • Helped implement a custom reflection solution.
  • Created file utilities.
  • Polishing & bug-fixing various systems.
    • Such as collisions, input, parent-child transform relation, raycasting, etc.
  • Improving customizability of entities within the editor.

Gameplay Programmer

  • Prototyped gameplay concepts.
  • Implemented 2D Runner gameplay features while closely collaborating with designers.
  • Implemented the 2D platforming camera.