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PiGame’ was a Y1 solo student project and was developed for the Raspberry Pi 3B within eight weeks. The original project was about programming on embedded systems, target-based programming, and learning about basic engine programming.

[1- Do note that the code presented in the repository, is quite old and does not reflect my code standards today.]
[2- The repository contains modified code of the original Raspberry Pi project, as it has been ported over to work on Windows.]

Project Details

The PiGame project was more of a tech-demo showing of a C++ custom framework and a small game on the Raspberry Pi. It taught me basic engine structure and it helped improve my C++ skills. Some of the code and decisions were definitely questionable, but making mistakes is fine, as long that you learn from them.

The game itself is fairly minimal as it was made quickly, but shows functional gameplay on the system. The game itself was inspired by the old DOOM and Quake games.


  • Researched and implemented engine related systems.
  • Implemented Open GLES rendering.
  • Being mindful of ‘Embedded Systems’
    • Limited Hardware Performance
    • Resource Management
    • Input Management
    • (Window) Rendering
    • Target-Based Progrmaming
  • Loading & Animating of [MD2s Models]
  • Implemented a ‘Stack-Based Finite State Machine’.
  • Implemented Basic (Raycasting) Collision Detection.